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"Company Fuck Is Dead"
Color picture book in silkscreen case

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Previously only available at Company Fuck shows, final copies of this fantastical document are now available to CxFx fans and paper fetishists everywhere.

Full of glitched collages, melting paintings, Magickal found art, shitcore comics, creepy poetry, and broken electronics... This book is the living-color embodiment of psychedelic rainbow brutality that you come to expect from Mr Fuck.

Not only does this book contain more than your pineal gland's capacity of hyper-sexual art from CxFx himself, but it also features original works from CxFx's most esteemed and cursed contemporaries from around the world. Previously unpublished artworks from proven masters of the graphic arts (Sish-tick, Arn Vleespapier, Chaos vs Cosmos, Infinite Livez, John Fanning, Rubbish Fairy, Stefan Juster, and many more) live alongside the untrained and unskilled doodlings of some of the underground's most unpopular weirdos. All throughout each artist pays homage to the CxFx style whilst adding their own unique touches, which makes this one fucking hell of a compilation.

"As far from the photocopier,
As one can humanly imagine."
- Wm. B. McClure

Full color 32-page A4 book printed on 150 gram recycling offset.
Book comes in a 4-color silkscreen printed fabric satchel case.
Limited edition of 100.

Warning: This publication is positively overflowing with images and themes related to sex, drugs, death, Satan, and karaoke.

"100% Solid Gold Fucking"
Mega-Fucking-Limited-and-Extra-Fucking-Gold Edition

Company Fuck's first full-length album "100% Solid Gold Fucking" has just been released on limited CDr and MP3 download through the wonderful BRK label in France.

A large part of this adventure has been the realization of the Mega-Fucking-Limited-and-Extra-Fucking-Gold Edition. This version of the record includes the gold CD (for your CD player), a second golden framed CD (for your wall), plus a unique Company Fuck noise-making doll. Each doll is hand-made and each has a completely unique look and sound. Check out the images and videos on the left to take a closer look at the dolls and the whole golden package.

Q: Can I choose my favorite doll?
A: I will surprise you with my own selection. Besides, each one has its own charms.

Q: How much?
A: 100 Euro or equivalent currency. Includes postage to anywhere in the world.

Q: What else?
A: Everything is packaged in a golden box. And I'll throw some other goodies in there too...

There are only five of these golden babies in the world. They will be sent to the first five people who are able to send confirmation of payment (use the Paypal link above or feel free to contact me for alternative payment arrangements).

Dolls made with the support of Anto Christ.