25 June 2022 – Company Fuck – Krakow, Poland

26 June 2022 Company Fuck in Krakow, Poland Midsummer SUCKPUCK Krakow @ STK 47 Warehouse Nadchodzi magiczna Noc Kupaly lub Krakowskie Wianki, Święto ognia, wody, słońca i księżyca, urodzaju, płodności, radości i miłości! Od dawnych czasów Słowianie organizowali ekstremalne, niebiezpieczne dla życia rave’y które przy tańcu i śpiewach łączyły ludzi. Tym razem Suck Puck Records…

25 June 2022 - Dates.

10 June 2022 – Company Fuck – Marseille, France

10 June 2022 Company Fuck in Marseille, France FINISSAGE JOHN DENEUVE au SOMA RDV vendredi 10/06 à 18H pour le finissage de l’exposition CRUISING de John Deneuve !! Au programme: 18H: début du finissage 20H: DJ set MARSEILLE MANHATTAN + COMPANY FUCK MARSEILLE MANHATTAN #ACIDJUKE #GNAWA #PISTOU SOUP #JUNGLE TERROR #DISCOPUNK #TROPICO #DANSE DE SAINT GUY #HARD PARKINSON #SUCRAGE DE FRAISE #PIPI VERT COMPANY FUCK (Berlin).

10 June 2022 - Dates.

20 May 2022 – Company Fuck – Berlin, Germany

20 May 2022 Company Fuck in Berlin, Germany. Fuk the war SuckPuck Sick crew Berlin Suck Puck Recordz and Sick Crew prezentue> Finally, after a long wait, we are back in Berlin! With this event we want to make an angry & loud statement against the WAR in Ukraine, celebrate together and provide you with the best experimental rave music possible!! A part of the revenue will go to Ukrainian rave artists who are still there and need money to support their families. Artists coming…

20 May 2022 - Dates.

22 October 2021 – Company Fuck – Krakow, Poland

22 October 2021 Company Fuck in Krakow, Poland. SuckPuck birthday 13, @Lenin club , Krakow 13th years from first SuckPuck event/// Celebrate it in Krakow, PL. ALEX TUNE Company Fuck WE ROB RAVE Fat Frumos FRONTCORE FED. Microfreeq

22 October 2021 - Dates.

28 September 2019 – Company Fuck – Amsterdam, Netherlands

This event is a performative celebration of undisciplined learning and contaminating through sound, kicking off the new season of Noiserr at Butcher’s Tears! Line up/Schedule 15:00 Intro by Martina Raponi 15:15 Arkadiusz Półtorak 15:35 Gabriel Paiuk 16:00 Panel discussion Arkadiusz + Gabriel + Martina Raponi + Sonia de Jager 17:00/18:00 beer&food break + sound check 18:30 performances start – intro by Max Hampshire 18:45 Loma Doom 19:15 HellAsh 19:45 Nundata 20:15 Vot’ress 20:45 Alistair Shitte…

28 September 2019 - Dates.

17 August 2019 – Company Fuck – Lithuania – Yaga Festival

Though the word “witchcraft” has lived for almost a millennium and has been used for various purposes, its stable inner core has survived intact. It tells a story about conquering the fear of the unknown, about all those ancient witches and alchemists, today’s philosophers and scientists, tomorrow’s urban explorers, and hedonists. About the need to find out, what’s lurking beyond the borders of our knowledge. And with its lectures, workshops, transformations, dances, and meditations, Yaga’s…

17 August 2019 - Dates.

9 June 2019 – Company Fuck – Oslo, Norway

We haven’t been FLINK. The Ocean’s a mess and so are we! FLINK gets SALTY! Dance! Laugh! Cry! Think up Solutions! BE FLINK! COME! STARRING: Company Fuck (Berlin) Kirsty Kross 123 LUCA DJ (SLUBB/SLM) DJ DORKY (Ugly Grrls/Maksitaksi) Flink gutt Sigrun Larsen and Poseidon, King of the Sea as himself + Karaoke by KJ Scotty Technology (Berlin) FEATURING: Apocalyptic Installations Oily Divination with Kharizma Katharziz 100 Kr entry from 22:00 80 Kr entry with costume…..Category is “Ocean Apocalypse…

9 June 2019 - Dates.