1 October 2016 – Company Fuck – Hamburg, Germany

Come and celebrate slack and merriment in Hamburg Germany. There will be a host of international bands, DJ’s, special drink, healings, weddings, casting out of false profits and prophets, sickenings and much much more! Oh kommet, predigt, feiert lässig in bunter Heiterkeit. Euch erwarten außerirdische spezielle DRINKS, Heilung, Heirat, Scheidung, Castings, Propheten,Besäufnisse und unvorstellbares mehr….. Musikalisch wird dieses Happening durch viele internationale Bands & DJ…

1 October 2016 - Dates.

9 September 2016 – Company Fuck & John Deneuve – The Limited League of Wannabes – Berlin, Germany

Company Fuck & John Deneuve present The Limited League of Wannabes Exhibition Opening Friday 9th September / 19h Exhibition 10th September to 16th September Welcome to the working space of two Superheroes. Well, a space where they are trying to be Superheroes. Or Superstars. Or Super-artists. Here you will learn about their rigorous training schedule, what they eat, what they sing, what they poo. They don’t live like the rest of us – they dwell in a dramatically lit world of wigs and lycra…

9 September 2016 - Dates.

22 April 2016 – I can’t even/t – Berlin, Germany

So much underwater love, I can’t even… with: DJ Marcos 2020 Santisima Virgen Maria John Waters Closets Daed Zim + Company Fuck (celebrating 10 years) @ Pogotussy Gürtelstr. 36 Berlin-Friedrichshain S+U Frankfurter Allee / S Ostkreuz Map: Entry: 5 euro Lineup: 22-00 – John Waters Closet 00-01 – Zim 01-02 – Daed 02-03 – Company Fuck 03-04 – DJ Marcos 2020 04-05 – Santisima Virgen Maria.

22 April 2016 - Dates.

15 April 2016 – Company Fuck karaoke – Bangface Weekender – Southport, UK

Having given in to MASSIVE popular demand, the Bangface Weekender will finally feature it’s first ever OFFICIAL karaoke takeover! Your host, Company Fuck, invites you to the glittering, multi-million pound Chin Stroke TV studio to sing and dance like noone’s watching (except an entire festival). Featuring all your favourite hits on a 72-inch plasma Chintex™ touchscreen display, start your Bangface in style with 3+ hours of strangers screaming as loud as they can in a room! Take a break from…

15 April 2016 - Dates.

14 April 2016 – Company Fuck – Bangface Weekender – Southport, UK

* 150+ ACTS NOW ANNOUNCED * Noisia 808 State Venetian Snares Angerfist Black Sun Empire Joey Beltram LTJ Bukem Luke Vibert Ray Keith vs Bladerunner The Outside Agency M-Beat & General Levy Altern 8 SL2 DJ Godfather The Mover The Bug + Miss Red & Riko Dan Perc & Truss Slipmatt Shut Up & Dance Mr. C Miss Djax Billain Current Value Rotterdam Terror Corps Randall Big Narstie Royal-T Chopstick Dubplate & Demolition Man DJ SS Gammer Radioactive Man Marc Acardipane Renegade Vandal Jumping…

14 April 2016 - Dates.