Company Fuck – Review of ‘Wobble Unwind’ from Cracked

Cracked – review of Company Fuck’s “Wobble Unwind”. At the end of the title track suddenly The Culture Club’s Eighties smash hit “Do you really want to hurt me?” comes up and Scott Sinclair cuts through this ghostly appearance with a full block of bastardized, harsh, brutal, direct power noise that sounds like a thicklipped, snug “Yessssss!” That is the kind of intellectualized retard-humor you have to

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Stove Goats – Half/theory Remixes Burzum

Artist: Stove Goats Title: Half/theory Remixes Burzum File format: WAV – 16-bit – 44.1 KHz Length: 26:29 Label: Half/theory – HALF15 Release format: CD Year: 2006 Tracklist: 1. Secret Killer Of Names – Tromso Burning 2. Companiunus Fornicatum – Venom And Sabbath Come To Kick The Count’s Ass 3. Yrblvvten – A Lost, Sad, And Imprisoned Dickhead Download Archive

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